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  1. Joe D. Inactive
    Joe D.

    It does seem ridiculous that people are shouting how hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work – when it seems like they are never talking about it not working in combination with zinc. I would like to know if we can take both things in lower quantities that would be unlikely to have to bad side affects and what help us avoid these kinds of diseases.

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  2. Joe D. Inactive
    Joe D.

    Well at least this 13 year old modelling program with no documentation, not in the public domain, and that is being used to justify an international lock down does not also have uncovered emails relating to the data that state something similar to ‘hide the design’… We should be happy, right?

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  3. EtCarter Inactive

    Snyders book: “Bloodlands” demonstrates simply collapsing the economy of soon to be Soviet countries not only starved nearly everyone to death, but, that without what an economy left, those nations would have no ability to even fit “epidemic safety programs” on a triage that only had room for starvation victims, and no two other problems even considered as 2 other treatable problems.yknow.

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  4. Architectus Coolidge

    James and CM – give a listen to the Cold War podcast by Bill Whittle, Episode 12 especially.  It touched on the same topic you discussed about centralized command and control creating problems.  In this case, in the poor decisions about fighter jet design, and how one man fought an “uphill battle against arrogance, ignorance and intransigence” to get us back on track.  Actually, this is a great series and everyone should listen to all of the episodes. 

    Great podcast, keep it up…

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  5. Charlotte Member

    I 100% understand (and share) James’s crush on Carbon Mike. I especially appreciated the discussion about content providers, micropayments, etc. He’s obviously given it a lot of thought. And for the record, I am a 46-year-old white American female, and I understood the Kajagoogoo reference!

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