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Jamie is a Scottish laird, former Guards officer, author of brilliant books Red Rag to a Bull and The Enigma of Kidson, Country Life columnist talks to James about country life, farming and how his Alliance for Unity party hopes to save Scotland from the clutches of Nicola Sturgeon’s dreaded SNP

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  1. Arnold Falk Member

    My sense in listening to Mr. Blackett is that he is such a sensible and articulate fellow, and that Scotland, at this moment in time is lucky to have him speaking out on many issues. However, some of his comments about President Trump are really quite strange, and reflect some fundamental misunderstandings not only of American politics, but also of American culture. It is of secondary importance to his main objectives for Scotland, but perhaps he will come around to better understanding the US scene after a year or so of President Biden, followed most assuredly by President Harris.

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    • December 6, 2020, at 2:22 AM PST
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