An award-winning investigative journalist, James Corbett has lectured on geopolitics at the University of Groningen’s Studium Generale, and delivered presentations on open source journalism at The French Institute for Research in Computer Science and Automation’s fOSSa conference, at TedXGroningen and at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto.

He started The Corbett Report website in 2007 as an outlet for independent critical analysis of politics, society, history, and economics. Since then he has written, recorded and edited thousands of hours of audio and video media for the website, including a podcast and several regular online video series.

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  1. Boney Cole Member
    Boney Cole

    Mr. Delingpole, see Father Ripperger on YouTube.  It will confirm and enhance the insights of your previous guest on schizophrenia and voices.  May God Bless you on your investigations. 

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  2. Eugene Kriegsmann Member
    Eugene Kriegsmann

    A pretty fascinating discussion, a lot less Woo Woo than I expected. There are certainly some very interesting theories advanced on the motivations of Gates, et al. Having grown up during a period when Zero Population Growth was a major intellectual trend, I can well believe that someone who has gotten himself neatly placed in the absolute elite of the world might see the uselessness of the great unwashed masses, and might want to see their numbers reduced to save the planet for the “good people”, the deserving people, and who could be more deserving than those who have achieved such greatness (a sort of preordained sign of being blessed or among the “saved”.) That is not to say that I think Gates actually thinks that at a conscious level. That the Covid injections are being used for some nefarious purpose goes beyond my credulity. At 76 years old, I took the poke to avoid the bug. It has been in my system for nearly 5 months and I haven’t grown horns or developed any strange appetites, nor do I feel an overwhelming urge to obey government officials. As I heard Carol Roth say on her podcast, I simply would prefer not to get sick, if it can be avoided. I spent too many years in the petrie dish of the public school system being exposed to every nasty that came down the pike. I have been incredibly healthy since retiring.

    I would not classify this discussion as a tinfoil hat episode. A lot of “statistics” and other bits of data were tossed into the mix which could be true or could simply be nonsense. However, the general logic of the arguments do fit a pattern. I have long held that the Climate Change stuff was mostly alarmist nonsense, and Covid, for the all dead people of my generation, does seem to be a lot less awful than it was projected to become. I have been around long enough to not be surprised when people in their 50s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, succumb to all sorts of end of life scenarios. That so many have been attributed to Covid and so few to the other natural killers, makes me think that there is a good deal of fudging going on. With that in mind, although I don’t totally buy into James Corbett’s explanations, I don’t reject them out of hand either.

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