…MD, ophthalmologist, co-author of ‘An Effective Treatment for Coronavirus’, talks about Hydroxychloroquine, #Lancetgate, Donald Trump, whether coronavirus is really going to kill us all, Big Pharma and much, much more, including at the end a bit about Bitcoin…

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  1. Aaron Miller Member
    Aaron Miller

    Informative. Thanks. 

    But a word of caution: Don’t give people a reason to dismiss COVID-19 skepticism by drifting to the opposite extreme of indifference. If the death totals are anywhere near accurate (despite hints of inflation), then COVID-19 has in many places killed more people (in countries with respectable healthcare) in only a few months than a flu virus has killed in any year since 1918 (in the US specifically). 

    COVID-19 can be simultaneously overblown and an unusually serious threat. It can be much worse than a typical flu virus and yet insufficient to merit such severe public restrictions as we have seen. 

    Try to be measured in your criticisms, like the good doctor.

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