Whither Twitter?

Jon and Stephen chat about the latest drama on social media — from Twitter’s shadowbans to deleting old tweets — as well as the problems of big government when it comes to trade wars.

The intro/outro song is “Not Too Soon” by Throwing Muses. Stephen’s song of the week is “I Don’t Want Love” by The Antlers and Jon’s is “Carb Yr Enthusiasm” by MISS WORLD. To listen to all the music featured on The Conservatarians, subscribe to our Spotify playlist!

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  1. Member

    Wither Twitter. By at least 21%

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    • July 27, 2018, at 3:49 PM PDT
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  2. Thatcher

    @stephenmiller you don’t SOUND tired.

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    • July 27, 2018, at 4:49 PM PDT
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  3. Thatcher

    Things I don’t have time to do, but wish I did:

    – measure the amount of time Stephen Miller talks relative to John Gabriel 


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    • July 27, 2018, at 7:36 PM PDT
  4. Thatcher

    Hey! I did the same thing Allie Stuckey did and I called Jimmy Kimmel a “leftist bully.” How come they’re not coming after me?

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    • July 28, 2018, at 3:17 AM PDT
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