Tariffs not only impose immense economic costs but also fail to achieve their primary policy aims and foster political dysfunction along the way. So says Scott Lincicome, an international trade attorney, Visiting Lecturer at Duke University, and Adjunct Scholar with the Cato Institute. Oh, and you can get the shirt here with all proceeds going to the Foundation for Economic Education.

Our intro and outro music is “Someone Says” by Editors. Jon’s song of the week is “Gravity Says I” by Gravitysays_i and Stephen’s is “Lord” by Young Fathers. To listen to all the music featured on The Conservatarians, subscribe to our 2018 Spotify playlist!

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  1. George Townsend Inactive
    George Townsend

    Really good show. Thanks.

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  2. Umbrasjg Inactive

    I love Scott Lincicome!  Thanks for having him on.

    I know Steven doesn’t think that Trump cheating on his third wife at home with his newborn son with Stormy Daniels thing is a big deal but you know who does?  Suburban Married women……

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  3. George Townsend Inactive
    George Townsend

    Umbrasjg (View Comment):
    I love Scott Lincicome! Thanks for having him on.

    I know Steven doesn’t think that Trump cheating on his third wife at home with his newborn son with Stormy Daniels thing is a big deal but you know who does? Suburban Married women……


    You know it has to be said: Donald Trump is a disgusting individual, who has spent his whole life giving in to his desires. Be they sexual desires, or his need to be loved, or his quest to convince himself, and then others, of his greatness, Donald Trump has spent a lifetime serving himself. Therein lies the reason he is unfit to hold his office.

    His apologists will hate the fact that I write that. They might say that Barack Obama suffered from this. Perhaps. It is debatable. But we are here talking about Trump. To excuse one person of something by saying that others have done it is Defining Deviancy Down. And conservatives should know better.

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  4. Jeff Hawkins Coolidge
    Jeff Hawkins

    My work shift is 330am to noon

    Daylight savings to me is a big deal to my body clock


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  5. Freesmith Inactive

    Our hosts have on a strong proponent of free trade and put up absolutely no resistance to his statements.

    No tough questions, no challenges to received wisdom, no questioning of blatant appeals to authority, no historical examples that counter the guest’s confident claims – all they did was give an economic libertarian a platform and snark – as usual – at anyone benighted enough to have a different opinion.

    Of course it’s their show. @exjon & Miller can have on whoever they like and treat the guest with unquestioning obsequiousness if they want.

    But how they can then expect continued listening by a critical adult audience, let alone 5-star reviews for such pabulum, is beyond my understanding, much like tariffs are beyond theirs.

    By the way, those tariffs called tolls at all the bridge and tunnel entrances to New York City sure have retarded its growth, innovation and free enterprise, haven’t they, Stephen? Just think how much more livable and fun Manhattan would be if the city got rid of them and let all vehicular traffic into that rich, booming marketplace for free!

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  6. RufusRJones Member

    The problem is you can’t have this much trade with the wide open globalize labor market still have the Fed run with 2% inflation. Plus the rest of our economy is too cartel-ized. Other prices have to fall besides input of globalize labor. Then throw in the robots. This is why there are so many social problems and we got Trump.

    Feel free to argue with me.


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