Kate Hyde on Impeachment, Iowa, and Killing with Kindness

Jon welcomes New York-based writer and A-list Twitter follow Kate Hyde. She was the news director of American Military News and a Penn State alum. We chat about impeachment, the Democratic primary, and cheeseburgers.

The intro/outro song of the week is “Kate Is Great” by The Bouncing Souls. Jon’s song of the week is “1992” by Beliefs and our special cameo guest’s song of the week is “Julia Take Your Man Home” by Wolf Parade. To listen to all the music featured on The Conservatarians this year, subscribe to our Spotify playlist!

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  1. kedavis Member

    Why do people outside the US think they have or should have any say in who the US president is, or what they should do?

    If nothing else, it might confirm that most other peoples’ countries really aren’t very relevant on the world stage. And they know it.

    And, None of the Democrat candidates has any plans or whatever that would actually make the economy BETTER. Some might say they have plans to make the economy more “FAIR” but that is actually done by dragging EVERYONE down. Including – especially – those who may not be doing that all that well NOW.

    • #1
    • January 31, 2020, at 7:13 PM PST
  2. Brasidas Member

    Another great podcast, Jon. Also more Kate Hyde, please. Where’s she been? She’s great.

    • #2
    • February 13, 2020, at 1:11 PM PST
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