Full-Court Press

Paul Manafort was found guilty while Michael Cohen pleaded guilty. Is impeachment the result? Also, Iowa mourns Mollie Tibbetts while the press warns conservatives not to politicize her murder. I mean, seriously…

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  1. Coolidge

    I agree with you about Elizabeth Warren, whatever ambitions she had are done. She may not even get re-elected to her seat. Cuomo’s comments will not make one iota difference in the democratic primaries, the only way that becomes a problem for him, if he’s the candidate in the general election. What is with Cuomo’s? Where they all dropped on their heads?

    The only way for the media to be reformed, is for new managements to come in, and fire everyone – fire everyone who was involved in fixing the primaries for Hillary. Fire everyone who asked democrats for questions before interviewing republican candidate guests. My fantasy, was when Warner took over CNN, that the new management team would come in on a monday morning, and they’d start pulling people off the air, and walking them out. I’d rather the company pay out the contracts than let these people stay on air damaging the brand even more…

    Then sue them all, for conspiring with the democrat party, the Clinton Foundation, etc for rigging the 2016 primary elections. (they damaged the brand of CNN for doing this, they gave editorial control of CNN to the democratic party without the consent of management) … Let them justify their actions in court. Make it impossible for any of these hacks to ever work in media again.

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    • August 24, 2018, at 11:22 PM PDT
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  2. Member

    One specific comment and then one general:

    1. I do not think it was fair to pick on Melania Trump. She probably did marry “The Donald” for his money, but she won’t be the first woman to do that. She has been a good First Lady. I have contempt for her husband, but she stays in the background, contributes what she can to her role, and is probably suffering in private because of the shenanigans of her husband. To speculate that she may agree with them is wrong. There is no evidence for that. She is a kind woman. Leave her alone.
    2. I always have to stop and think about listening to the Conservatarians. While I agree with several things Miller says, he always says them in such a way that makes one think he lives his life at such a high octane level that, as one who goes to a Cardiologist, I have to wonder if he is going to have a heart attack in the middle of the Podcast?
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    • August 25, 2018, at 3:55 AM PDT
  3. Member

    @georgetownsend – that was a very chivalrous defense of Melania Trump. Thank you for it.

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    • August 25, 2018, at 7:58 AM PDT
  4. Coolidge

    @georgetownsend I agree about Melania. Her one faux pas was that silly jacket she wore when going to see the detained kids at the border. Apart from that she has always conducted herself as a first lady should. 

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    • August 25, 2018, at 12:55 PM PDT
  5. Member

    JuliaBlaschke (View Comment):

    @georgetownsend I agree about Melania. Her one faux pas was that silly jacket she wore when going to see the detained kids at the border. Apart from that she has always conducted herself as a first lady should.

    The jacket was silly. Who can explain it? But if that is Melania’s biggest sin, and I suspect it is, I forgive her.

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    • August 25, 2018, at 1:09 PM PDT
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  6. Member

    Let me go on, Julia, and say one more thing about Melania: Those high-tone shoes that she supposedly wore when she inspected the flooded area last year: She only wore them to the plane, where she changed. This is where the Trump apologists are right: Much of the media are out to get the entire Trump family. The trouble with these apologists is that they use this truth to excuse Trump’s behavior. And that is quite sad and inexcusable.

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    • August 25, 2018, at 1:37 PM PDT
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  7. Coolidge

    John and Stephen had a lot to say on campaign finance, but had not bothered to study up on the law. Let me help. If a person has as a non-campaign reason to make an expenditure, then they must use personal money and *not* campaign money. The Trump brand is a multi-billion brand (Trump Hotel, Trump Tower, Trump Steaks, Trump Water, Trump Resort, Trump University,…). Any spending to protect the brand is personal. The case of Jon Edwards (2004) is different, since he was exclusively a politician the hush money was a campaign expense. Furthermore, since the money was paid by others it was illegal contribution (exceeding the limit).


    The other thing is that Access Hollywood tape. I think I am only person that objectively listened to it. I heard an East Coast guy who was mocking the sexual-assulting culture of Hollywood with satirical hyperbole. It is probably the most woke #meToo thing ever said.

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    • August 25, 2018, at 1:41 PM PDT
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  8. Contributor

    I thought the police pull-over analogy was amusing — the one Stephen made while explaining that Mueller does in fact have authority to pursue convictions for miscellaneous offenses. Stephen said that, if an officer pulls you over for a broken tail light and notices a dead body in the car, he doesn’t have to let you drive away. Fair enough.

    But, of course, Mueller pulled Trump over on suspicion that he had a dead body in the car — and appears to have found only a broken tail light. I expect the press to acknowledge that sometime in 2022.

    Heh. No, I don’t.


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    • August 27, 2018, at 1:19 PM PDT
  9. Member

    So, days later, it is looking like another Beep, Beep senario.

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    • August 30, 2018, at 5:18 PM PDT
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