Victor Davis Hanson looks at the the threat North Korea poses to the US and our Asian allies, explains how 30 years of bipartisan failures led us to this point, and describes the horrors that would accompany a war on the Korean Peninsula.

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Published in: Foreign Policy, Military

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  1. Gazpacho Grande' Coolidge

    That was pretty well put about US and South Korea’s interests bifurcating, diverging, whatever we might call it. Hadn’t thought of it in those terms, that now once the US is under direct threat our actions to prevent that from happening might not align with South Korea’s interests, ally or not.

    Not a lot of downside for Kim to act a little crazy now and again, either. Or for any nation, really – unpredictability means you control the momentum, and others react to you, you don’t react to them. As long as you don’t present too crazy, and find yourself at the wrong end of an assassination. He might not be quite as goofy or insane as he presents.

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    • August 8, 2017, at 5:04 PM PDT
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