The Hoover Institution hosted a discussion and a preview of the new film The Price of Peace from Free to Choose Media. How do we prevent war? How do we maintain peace? These questions have been posed by nations and people throughout history. The insights of historian and Hoover Institution Senior Fellow Victor Davis Hanson guide this documentary investigation of the United States’ successful deterrence of enemy aggression in the past and the efforts to sustain it in an era of rogue nations and nuclear proliferation.

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Published in: Foreign Policy, Military

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  1. Texmoor Coolidge

    I always love listening to VDH. I wish they had made a better recording though.

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  2. drlorentz Member

    The sound quality for this episode of the podcast makes it almost unlistenable. If it were anyone other than Prof. Hanson, I would not have continued past the first five minutes.

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  3. T-Fiks Member

    It was painful trying to listen–almost as if someone’s cat was nuzzling up against the microphone.

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  4. Blue Yeti Admin
    Blue Yeti

    T-Fiks (View Comment):
    It was painful trying to listen–almost as if someone’s cat was nuzzling up against the microphone.

    We’re aware of the terrible audio and are looking to see if we can find an alternate version of it.

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  5. cdor Member

    The sad thing about this audio is that the questioners at the end sounded clear and strong, yet VDH’s answers…well they were as bad a sound quality as was the previous podcast audio. Peter’s mike was just fine. I was thinking Mr Hanson must have been fidgeting or something.

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  6. Goldwaterwoman Thatcher

    I just turned the audio up on my computer so I could hear VDH. He’s a fabulous inspiration and well worth listening to even in a noisy room with bad acoustics. Thank you so very much for this podcast Peter. How I wish we could have Peter in charge of White House communications and VDH Secretary of State!! Perfection.

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  7. RufusRJones Member

    I had to get earbuds for part of it, but big deal. The overall value proposition at Ricochet is just fine.

    My one request is if this place is going to have a million-zillion podcasts, they need to get one by an Austrian economist or two. The FEE guys would be great.

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  8. RufusRJones Member

    Also, listen to Problematic Women. Excellent.

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