Victor Davis Hanson describes the philosophical conceits employed by defenders of illegal immigration — and explains how they’re undermining American society.

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Published in: Immigration, Politics

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  1. Freesmith Member

    What a pleasure to hear a discussion of immigration that talks about things that are really happening – the dead dogs and roosters, the trash strewn everywhere, the nighttime gunfire, the identity theft, the Aztec totems in the town square, the $30 billion in remittances to Mexico, the in-state college tuition benefit for Mexican nationals, the $100,000,000.00 California amnesty for uncollectable traffic fines to illegal drivers (and the concomitant huge fines that California citizens are forced to pay to compensate), the anarcho-tyranny of a two-tiered justice system and the overwhelmed local schools, hospitals and communities.

    No talk of Edmund Burke, “The Fatal Conceit,” fusionism, de Tocqueville, or Classical Liberalism. No hiding behind “demographic changes,” implicit bias, intersectionality, “welcoming the stranger,” and Founding Father Emma Lazarus’ poem.

    No mention of the S.S. Saint Louis, Japanese internment camps or Ellis Island.

    No lecturing, hectoring, sermonizing or virtue-signaling.

    Thanks, gentlemen.

    Build The Wall and Deport Them All.  

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