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  1. colleenb Member

    Delightful podcast in a somber, real politik sort of way. 

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  2. Arahant Member

    I think I am going to disagree with VDH a bit. This is bigger than what he is saying here. There are trained cadres using specialized tactics against the police. There are pallets of bricks appearing in cities to be used in rioting. Someone is financing this. It may be the CCP or George Soros or both or more. But this is an organized act of insurrection or war.

    We’re at about three from the top.

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  3. RufusRJones Member

    He’s exactly right about “the other”. That part starts around eight minutes.

    She never took off like I expected, but Libby Emmons has a great explanation about how to deal with all of this. You just have to get rid of the “other-ization” dynamic without all of the central planning or critical race theory crap. There are vested interest that are very against this common sense way of looking at things.

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