In the wake of the Biden Administration’s diplomatic fiasco with Beijing, Victor Davis Hanson looks at the trajectory of Chinese ambitions, the elements necessary for America to face down the threat, and what the future may hold if the tensions boil over into conflict.

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  1. Bryan G. Stephens Thatcher
    Bryan G. Stephens

    this is the most depressing podcast ever.

    The Republic is done. 

    All institutions are leftist. All have fallen. All.

    The Left is triumphant forever and ever. Up until China takes over.


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  2. J Ro Member
    J Ro

    Yet another brilliant and insightful analysis by VDH. The woke transition (I refer to it as the “feminization”) of the US military is most worrying and has been creeping in and building for decades.

    How is a mid-level leader supposed to enforce the ban on visible tattoos for his officers when the Admiral’s aid gets one on her ankle and isn’t disciplined for it? When the entire crew of a ship knows that a significant number of its male officers have been compromised by a handful of  fun loving female enlisted and gotten away with it, how can the ship’s Captain then punish anyone for fraternization? Best just to pretend nothing’s wrong and that the (female) Captain fully deserves promotion and increased responsibilities for keeping disciplinary and readiness shortfalls under wraps. When the JAGs go after a highly successful female officer for adultery and she warns them that if they do she’ll present compelling evidence that she’s had a recent affair with the Commandant, don’t expect anyone to do the right thing.

    As the Dems seemed to double down on their leftism during the Trump years, I felt compelled to read Trotsky’s masterful History of the Russian Revolution (You know it’s pretty good if it wasn’t published in Russia for six decades after it was in English.) to better understand whatever parallels might be presented. e.g. It’s difficult to disperse your side of the story if your rivals have taken complete control of the actual printing presses.

    The most frightening aspect of Trotsky’s tale of triumph was the details of how the military were compromised. When the revolutionaries could look into the eyes of soldiers deployed in the streets and tell that they were on the same team, they knew that power was ripe for taking.

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  3. Boney Cole Member
    Boney Cole

    Great summation of Trump foreign policy. He put it succinctly and in a form that I had never fully comprehended before.  


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  4. Boney Cole Member
    Boney Cole

    It seems one reason Trump was able to make some progress in the Middle East was our newfound natural gas and oil independence.  I think it would behoove us to to be similarly free of excessive reliance in n China economically. It was one thing when they destroyed our domestic furniture industry, it is quite another when they dominate internet technology manufacturing. 

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  5. Boney Cole Member
    Boney Cole

    Interesting point about civilian support for the military.  I was at a wedding where I talked to a cousin who I had not seen in a while. Her son was a young military infantry officer ready to deploy overseas.  His command had a substantial number of women in it. As she was telling me about it, her tone was one of almost contempt at the stupidity of it.  After giving me a look that said “what the *** is going on?”, she quit talking about it.  There seems to be a realization that you can’t discuss the woke agenda publicly for fear of endangering advancement, even in the most casual settings. 

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