A happy life requires a mix of enjoyment and purpose. How can you achieve this balance in your own life? In this episode, Arthur is joined by founder of The Daily Stoic, Ryan Holiday, who discusses how we can apply the wisdom of ancient Stoic philosophy to our modern lives. They share some key lessons for building a life of virtue, moderation, and most importantly, flourishing and true happiness.

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References and further reading:

There Are Two Kinds of Happy People | Arthur Brooks

Lives of the Stoics Ryan Holiday

The Daily Stoic Ryan Holiday

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  1. Jim Wright Inactive
    Jim Wright

    Great listen overall. I do disagree with Ryan over the “whataboutism” regarding the border; the problem isn’t that team Trump pointed back to Obama; it’s that Biden was hammering Trump for a policy he himself supported as VP. 

    the problem with so much of the arguments coming from so many segments is the preemptive deflection, accusing others of doing what they themselves do. When called on it, they bleat about whataboutism.

    Nice trick, if you can pull it off. Which, with the media and compliant “fact checkers” in their pockets, they generally do.

    • #1
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