From August to the last week of December, as David McCullough writes, “1776 had been as dark a time as those devoted to the American Cause had ever known.” As the year ended, despite the stunning and historic victory at Trenton the day after Christmas, there was good reason to fear that Washington’s army would dissolve and with it any hopes for the American Cause. Washington pleaded with the men to stay on another month. The fate of liberty depended on them.

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  1. colleenb Member

    Yes I’m getting a wee tired hearing people say how glad they are that 2020 is almost over, etc. As though it were the worst year humans had lived though. I think 1776, 1942, and almost any year in Russia/the Soviet Union since 1917 probably qualify as much worst. Thanks again for these podcasts. 

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  2. OwnedByDogs Coolidge

    That made me cry for those poor, brave men who died over two centuries ago so that the amazing idea of the United States and its Constitution could live. It also makes me angry to hear of so many of today’s Americans casting slurs upon the memory of the country’s founding. 

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