The Left is laying the rhetorical groundwork for a domestic war on Trump supporters, as red state governments start planning how to respond. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced plans to push back on the Big Tech Cartel—will they work? Our editors, joined for the first time by new managing editor Seth Barron, discuss the desperation and discreditation of the mainstream media.

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  1. ParisParamus Member

    Hello.  Does anyone know the name of the music used at the beginning of the Roundtable Podcast?

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  2. Aaron Miller Member
    Aaron Miller

    I doubt AOC is floundering with one hysterical accusation after another. Accusations and lies are the bread and butter of modern Democrats. Their voters have been conditioned to believe the wildest rants. Few will learn about her office location far from the Capitol building. 

    I asked Ted Cruz (my Senator) to investigate that stand-down order and suggested purge of “racist” “extremists” (how the left portrays all rightwing voices). If the military is made openly partisan, that fundamentally changes the political contest. That’s one-party rule in the most dangerous sense. It’s difficult to believe such a radical move is yet possible. 

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  3. Noah Thatcher

    Superb discussion.


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