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It’s another action-packed edition of the Ricochet Podcast, as we’re joined by Texas governor Rick Perry and National Review columnist and author Kevin Williamson. The governor explains why he won’t accept federal heath care dollars, why the President has come to his state twice in the past month, and what the immigration issue looks like from the perspective of a border-state governor. Plus he personally invites Rob to don a ten gallon hat and shuffle off to Dallas!

Then Kevin Williamson stops by to talk about his new book The End Is Near and It’s Going To Be Awesome: How Going Broke Will Leave America Richer, Happier, and More Secure  as well as his unique brand of theater etiquette. Also, the growing IRS scandal (Kevin has been doing some superlative writing and reporting on the topic). Finally, James describes what it’s like to live in the anti-Texas, and a primer on how to stop Obama at the mid-terms. 

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