Carrie Mendoza, MD (FAIR in Medicine)

Every week on Take Back Our Schools we tackle the culture of illiberalism that has permeated our education system. With teachers and administrators now involving themselves with medical decisions and parents’ rights to control the care students get, this week we speak with physician and healthcare policy advocate Carrie Mendoza, MD.

Dr. Mendoza discusses how the culture has changed our medical system, especially after the events of 2020. She also explains how the “administrative state” within the healthcare system has worked to diminish the voices of doctors in favor of bureaucrats, beginning with the rise of Medicare and Medicaid and accelerated after the adoption of Obamacare. Mendoza shares her views on why so many doctors are fearful to speak up, especially on controversial issues such as gender dysphoria and transitioning children and also issues a warning on how lowering standards for medical schools will significantly impact medical care in the future.

Carrie Mendoza has spend over 20 years practicing emergency medicine in rural, suburban, and urban hospitals treating snakebites to gun shot wounds to 1000s of Covid-19 patients. She is a medical technology inventor with two patents for an Emergency Department communications app. The doctor is also a healthcare policy advocate and social entrepreneur with the non-profit The Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism (FAIR) where she is the Director of FAIR in Medicine.

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  1. Unsk Member

    In my conversations with a major Medical Care organization  executive of a little more than a week ago, he was extremely angry, frustrated and yes frightened by the Woke medical directives and protocols that have come down recently from Upper Management that demand unwavering compliance to the letter of these directives with absolutely no dissent or questioning  of these directives that in many cases will severely harm patients without a doubt.

    This pattern of Woke/ Stalinist medical directives will definitely put the lives of you or your loved ones at risk if you or they need  emergency or life saving medical care.

    The is the state that our medical system has taken since the imposition of Obamacare and  the politicization of medical services since the imposition of the Lockdowns and other politicized directives from the NIH/CDC/FDA /Medical Establishment since the beginning  of the Pandemic.

    What few realize is that in exchange for Major Medical’s support for Obamacare , the Major Health care providers were given great leverage to forcibly take over great swaths of the Medical Care industry and to wipe out the power of individual health care providers  and their associated clinics to create a cartel like power structure that has evolved today that is greatly  beholden to the giant  Woke Obamacare apparatus of the Federal government.

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