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Andrew and Beth welcome back school choice evangelist, Corey DeAngelis who updates us on the progress the school choice movement has made in the past year, and takes us on a state by state tour of who has passed “fund students not schools” legislation.

Corey explains how teachers unions are typically the barrier to passing school choice bills despite the fact that school choice is overwhelming popular with Americans, both Democrats and Republicans. We also discuss Corey’s new book, Medocrity: 40 Ways Government Schools are Failing Today’s Students, and Corey shares some of the findings of his research on why America’s public schools are performing so poorly.

Corey DeAngelis is a senior fellow at the American Federation for Children. He is also the executive director at Educational Freedom Institute, an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, a senior fellow at Reason Foundation, and a board member at Liberty Justice Center. He was named on the Forbes 30 under 30 list for his work on education policy and received the Buckley Award from America’s Future in 2020. DeAngelis has authored or coauthored over 40 journal articles, book chapters, and reports on education policy, and he is the coeditor of School Choice Myths: Setting the Record Straight on Education Freedom and co-author of the recently published, Mediocrity: 40 Ways Government Schools Are Failing Today’s Students.

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  1. DaveSchmidt Coolidge

    I wish more folks on Ricochet were tracking the education industry.  Dare I say that the controversy over Trump is distracting us from the strategically important local political battles that must be fought and won?

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