In this episode of Take Back Our Schools, Parent Defending Education’s Erika Sanzi talks about her own experiences as a teacher, concerned parent, local school board member and as one of the leaders of the exploding parents movement. Sanzi, who has been in this fight longer than almost anyone else, also shares her views on the perverse incentives of the teachers unions.

Plus Bethany and Andrew discuss Bethany’s new book series for children, Heroes of Liberty. (For a special 5% discount use the promo code TBOS at checkout.)

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  1. I Walton Member
    I Walton

    Excellent discussion.  On this subject I always invite folks to look at New Zealand schools.  It’s a tiny remote country so nobody knows it, but they went through an educational revolution that took them from the bottom of western schools to the top in one year.  They abolished all of the education bureaucracy, turned schools over to teachers and gave the money to parents who could choose any school in the country.  Schools were independent and had to compete with each other for students.  Bad teachers had to be fired to compete well and were.  In other words it’s as if it was all private sector competition but still paid for by taxes through parent choice.  We could do the same  or something similar in states run by Republicans.   Just abolish unions by acting independently from them.  This effort to win by fighting with unions school by school can’t succeed.  

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