In this latest episode sponsored by Tommy John and DoorDash, we discuss the indie-horror film The Lighthouse starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. Sonny liked it, obviously. Vic didn’t understand it, obviously. JVL rediscovers his HD DVD player. Plus advice on where to buy fancy faucets!

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  1. Taras Coolidge

    I walked out on The Lighthouse – and got my money back.  Yay!

    I should perhaps explain that it was in the theaters, before the lockdown.

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  2. kedavis Member

    Regular TV, or SDTV – Standard Definition – is 480i (i for Interlaced video).  480p (p for Progressive-scan video) is Enhanced Definition (EDTV).

    Broadcast HDTV is 1080i, even if you have a 1080p (or 4K!) TV/monitor, which can still look better than 1080p from cable, satellite, Blu-ray, etc, because it doesn’t use a lot of compression.

    One reason people hold onto an HD-DVD player is that they tended to do a better job at up-converting regular DVDs.  They used a more discrete, “distributed” process, rather than trying to jam everything into one tiny chip.

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