This week’s episode is brought you by Honeybook and Ritual Vitamins – two great sponsors for one AMAZING show! This week April and Kira talk Joe Biden – is he a serial sexual predator or just a creepy-toucher? And should he be disqualified from running?

Also, in light of the tragic news of the murder a college woman in South Carolina what can we as women do to better protect ourselves while we’re out and about on our own? The Smart Girls talk Uber safety and awareness. There are some tips here you’ll DEFINITELY want to hear.

And this week’s Smart Girl Salute goes out to a courtroom diva, a scammer of scammers who earns our begrudging salute for her sheer audacity during courtroom proceedings.

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Article of the week: Joe Biden and the Sad Trajectory of the Aging Creepy-Toucher

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  1. Jeff Hawkins Coolidge
    Jeff Hawkins

    My parents met at Purdue.  My brother and I both went to UVa.

    things were tense

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