Trump Keeps Trumping the Left

The ladies are back! This week, they’re talking about new seasons of life, why women shouldn’t wait to have kids, and how mothers are contributing to the crisis at the border. Also, the media and their friends on the left keep re-electing Trump and Kira pays tribute to Charles Krauthammer.

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  1. Nerina Bellinger Member
    Nerina Bellinger

    As usual, a great conversation ladies!  When my kids were young, I spent my days either at the park or in the public library (and if listeners have small children I would highly recommend both).  Some days I just didn’t know how I would get through each hour let alone whole days.  But being in the presence of other people did wonders for my mental state and my other “go to” activity was walking.  Once we had five kids (all with my red hair) we actually became “known” in our town as the “walking family.”  It helped all of us and I got in really good shape.  Anyway, an older lady approached me at the park one day and when I was really struggling (I don’t hide my emotions well) and she offered a phrase that to this day encapsulates the experience of young motherhood to me.  She said, “I won’t say something stupid like ‘Enjoy these times because they go fast,’ but I will say ‘though the days are long, the years are short.'”  I think that is exactly right and now that I’m 50 and I have one in law school (!) and one just finishing 5th grade, the phrase becomes more true every day.

    I also want to shout a big “AMEN” to Kira on just about every word she declared on this podcast.  Couldn’t agree more! 

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