Our episode this week is sponsored by Joybird AND HoneyBook. This week Kira and April talk Jussie Smollet and how to fake-hate-crime yourself without leaving the most obvious trail known to mankind. Also – do the good things of social media outweigh the bad? And how how do we navigate an increasingly politicized society in a way that fosters diverse friendships? Stick around to the end to hear this week’s Smart Girl Salute to a woman who’s politics don’t typically line up with the SGP audience.
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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    Not assimilated, Recovering Canadian.

    Twitter’s great failings isnt just anonymity, its also the brevity. I am hoping that someday soon, they’ll get Gawker’d. Can someone get Peter Thiel’s number to the Covington kids? Maybe if a few mainstream media outlets get busted the survivors will be more careful.

    Get Woke, go broke!

    Once you acknowledge and live within the identity politics paradigm the id-mob owns you. If you step 1 inch out of line, the id-poli mob will turn on you and crush you.

    Hey, just a quick question – If trans women can compete against real women, whats the point of tittle ix?

    The MMA fighter who’s a trans is Fallon Fox – to make matters worse – the trans condition was not disclosed – it was leaked forcing ‘her’ out of the closet. Joe Rogan discussed this issue on his podcast at length. He’s against it – he thinks its a like watching a man beat up women.

    I think the real agenda behind the whole trans movement, is a mind control technique – in order to be fully brainwashed you have to falsify your own experience – you have to discount your lying eyes over what you’re told to believe.

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  2. kylez Member

    Even the statement “women don’t have to be wives and mothers anymore” because of the pill is so weird. Like that is a bad thing. Or like they “had to.”   

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