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This week: The problem with Pete – why his issues as mayor may end up sinking him. Is the media reporting on his record because they’re actually journalisiming for once or are they just trying to get all the negatives out of the way first?
And does anyone even remember Beto anymore?
Chick flix and first world problems at Netflix.
Meaningless celebrity gossip.
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  1. DonG Coolidge

    I listened for the first time.   The two hosts have great chemistry.  I found the discussion of Indiana to be excellent.  I think “chick flick” describes a movie that a group of women would go see without their husbands. 

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  2. Stad Coolidge

    Great podcast on Mayor Pete!  I worry too many people will fall for a well spoken guy wearing a dress shirt and tie.  However, his unprovoked attacks on Pence, his housing policy (which will be used against him), and the fact blacks are less likely to vote for a gay man will probably keep him from getting the nomination, much less the general election.

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  3. Stad Coolidge

    DonG (View Comment):
    I think “chick flick” describes a movie that a group of women would go see without their husbands.

    I used to write posts on Ricochet titled “Saturday Night Chick Flicks”.  In them, I discussed chick flicks watchable by guys.  Why?  Because a guy who watches a chick flick with his main squeeze will score a ton of brownie points.  This pays dividends when football season starts up again, and the guy spends Saturday nights watching TV in the ManCave.

    I’ve considered starting up the series again, but they did take a lot of time to put together.  Maybe I’ll post the rest of the list.

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  4. Stad Coolidge

    For chick flicks, I recommend:

    Music and Lyrics

    The Proposal

    The Rewrite

    Crazy Stupid Love

    I’ll post my entire list separately.

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  5. Stad Coolidge

    Okay ladies, the chick flick list is posted in the Member Feed.  Just another service I provide . . .

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  6. rgbact Inactive

    Any movie with “wedding” or “princess” or “baby’ or “love” in the title is a chick flick, no matter what the SJW lady says. Hallmark is loaded with them. After that, its whether you can add other things to the romance, that brings guys in.  A historical angle is a good one

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  7. JosePluma Thatcher

    Not “Bootyjudge,” it’s “Boot-edge-edge.” 

    Here’s a visual:

    Boot to the Face Illustration by Greg Groesch/The ...

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