Space Farce?

Should college athletes be paid? Is Space Force just a big joke? The Smart Girls ask the big questions in this week’s episode.

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  1. Jeff Hawkins Coolidge
    Jeff Hawkins

    I tend to think the only real (but completely unrealistic) solution to NCAA corruption is for schools to recruit from the student body, the others can have a semi-pro league where they’re paid

    If you pay NCAA athletes, intersectionality is going to kill sports.  the money sports like football and basketball subsidize the ones no one goes to watch like swimming and field hockey.  So, do you pay a football player as much as a female field hockey player?  One brings in a lot more money and is a man.  It feels like a discrimination lawsuit waiting to happen.

    Kira can speak to this but I view it as a Hollywood internship, it’s an opportunity, and you’re eating dirt for it, but it’s one a lot of people would kill for, as many of these kids would not academically be viable for such places.  In and of itself, to me that creates a certain issue.

    I did a bit of time as a walk on for a Div I-A team.  I stunk, but I got all the perks that went along with being a “real” athlete.  It’s a nice life compared to the ordinary student.

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  2. ToryWarWriter Thatcher

    I view the current NCAA/Football leagues as nothing short of slavery.  You are expected to work at a professional level, and get no pay for it.  If you are in a OHL/Farm Team and get injured you are entitled to workmans compensation.  If you injure yourself in a college team, then your screwed for life.


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