April takes the helm of the podcast this week as Kira is on an enjoyable vacation. Joining April to cohost is author Ericka Andersen host of the Worth Your Time Podcast. April and Ericka start with a riveting discussion of the first round of democratic debates. Next up players of the US Women’s National Team refusing a White House visit should they win the World Cup. And finally, they cover a heated topic in Alabama of a women being charged with manslaughter of her unborn baby after someone else pulled the trigger!!
Also talked about was Charlotte Pence, Ericka’s latest interview and stay-at-home mom versus working mom.

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  1. Henry Castaigne Member
    Henry Castaigne

    I think it’s a good thing the baby died. We don’t want violent and promiscuous people breeding. Were I a human soul going to be born into that situation. I would prefer not to be born.

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