The girls look great for being 100 episodes old! Thank you so much to all of the SGP listeners out there and all of the people who have supported us from day one. As a special SGP 100th episode treat, the girls talk about … how we got Trump! Also, why we shouldn’t be rejoicing over the censorship of Alex Jones.

The Smart Girls are thrilled to celebrate this milestone episode at our home on Ricochet and look forward to 100 more!

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  1. Tedley Member

    During the podcast, one of you mentioned having a friend who’s a chef living in Paris, France, and when he came to the U.S. recently, he brought an extra bag to fill with miscellaneous “junk.”  I’ll be echoing his plan soon, as I’m heading stateside next week and bringing my own spare bag.  You may laugh, but many American products are expensive or impossible to get when outside the U.S.  I’m a military retiree, so I can get a lot of American products on nearby military bases, but the selection is inherently limited.  For those who aren’t associated with the military, it’s even tougher to the the tastes and products of home.  Living outside the U.S. brings many interesting and fulfilling experiences, but getting familiar products isn’t guaranteed. 

    I would also love to have the mom and pop type of Mexican and Greek restaurants that are in strip malls all across the U.S.

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