Since we are getting down to the wire, I thought we could talk about some of this cycle’s great slate of Republican candidates (and their Dem challengers that deserve to be voted out of office). Also, screw the idea of “pandemic amnesty,” and let’s get preppin’.



  • Biden: ‘I Call on the People of the United States to Recognize Their Fellow Citizens Living With Alzheimer’s’ (Newsmax)
  • Big shocker: Poll shows blacks oppose defunding the police (Washington Examiner)
  • Dobbs decision resulted in 10,000 fewer abortions in first two months: Report (Washington Examiner)
  • Not A Chance: Atlantic Writer Begs For ‘Pandemic Amnesty,’ Forgiveness For COVID Tyranny (Daily Wire)
  • Musk: Twitter board defrauded the court — and I own the evidence (HotAir)

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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    You might want to check you sound mixing – the intro and outro theme music was very quiet.

    Great topics covered. I had a short (thankfully) bout of unemployment last year – I have been using store flyers for grocery shopping and points programs.  Since the pandemic the stores have stopped printing them and stuffing them into your mail box – now they’re PDF files that can be emailed to you or found on webpages…I’ve found that you can stretch the dollar (a little) by shopping at all the stores, and picking up the bargains at each outlet. (maybe picking up an extra item or 2 if it’s a really good sale) Its kind of annoying in that it turns grocery shopping into an all day event. (sometimes with multiple trips because of refrigerated or frozen goods) One advantage I have, is that I am a shift worker – so I can do the shopping at 9 Am on a Tuesday – making the stores less crowded.

    Also I have found that if you go late in the evening – the last hour a store is open – they’ll often have perishable items steeply discounted. Superstore for example will mark down baked goods and meats by 30% if they’re starting to age on the shelf. This is mostly how I buy ‘fresh’ bread, these days.

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