This week April and Kira talk Candace Owens and the Senate Circus and also the inexplicable obsession with Mike Pence and his non-existent public views on LGBT issues. April talks about her personal experience with the Pence’s.
And in a more sober discussion, the ladies talk about why subprime loans are an important part of the lending market and how California is working to kill them.
Plus: Celebrity news of the week!
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  1. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    Re the proposals to regulate away the short-term or payday loan industry: The proposal is an example of legislators failing to consider that everything is a trade-off, and the alternatives need to be thought through. 

    If short-term or “payday” loans are eliminated, where are the people who currently get those loans going to go for the financing they need? Pawn shops?  What if they don’t have pawnable stuff? Plus pawn shop terms aren’t necessarily that much better than payday lenders. Credit cards? Many can’t qualify for credit cards. Plus, have you seen the terms of credit card credit – they aren’t always much more borrower-friendly than payday loans? Family? I have borrowed from family, and I have loaned to family, but my family has ready money that many families do not. Criminal loan sharks? That may be the only realistic alternative left.

    If a legislator or regulator says we need to eliminate payday loans, I need to hear what realistic alternative they have in mind for the person who desperately needs financing. 

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  2. Joshua Bissey Coolidge
    Joshua Bissey

    The question is not, “why Candace?” The question is, why are the Democrats engaging in this race-baiting and fear-mongering, by discussing the “rise” of something that is dead, buried, and has a stake in its heart? (That’s rhetorical.)

    As for why Miss Owens gets so much attention,  no one ever seems to mention that, well, she’s a very attractive young lady. Also, she’s a bit bombastic, in an age that loves bombast.

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