We’ve got two great segments for you this week. First up, Kira talks with Canadian journalist Andrew Lawton, who loves covering Justin Trudeau; unfortunately, the feeling is not mutual. In the second segment, The Washington Examiner’s Ellie Bufkin stops by to talk with Teri about Robert DeNiro and Boris Johnson, two men who are accused of behaving badly. Also, should you get the flu shot or not?

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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    I disagree with Andrew Lawton on a few points, there is plenty of alienation from both the media and the eastern establishment in the west – has been for decades. Maybe he forgot that point. This alienation drove the creation of the Reform Party of Canada, which merged with and eventually took over the Conservative Party, launching the disappointing career of PM Stephen Harper. There is plenty of alienation out here.

    Secondly, Canada’s Donald Trump… Unfortunately in a parliamentary its very difficult for an outsider to elbow his way to the table and become leader of a party, Kevin O’Leary tried. In this system you simply can’t buy a seat at the table. You need something that money can’t buy – relationships. There are no primaries, the public doesnt really vote on a leader. (Few Canadians are actually a member of any political party) its like the candidates are decided solely by super-delegates. So unfortunately for Canada, a Donald Trump type figure is impossible.

    For those who think Boris Johnson is the British Donald Trump – they should re-examine his resume. Boris has been politically active since the mid 90s, Elected to Parliament in 2001, Mayor of London, Secretary of State, His resume far more resembles Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump. He’s no outsider.

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