Gen Xish: Sneeze Guards and the Salad Days of MTV

We have salad on our minds this week. Will salad bars be a thing of the past in a post-COVID19 world? Speaking of salad (days), remember when MTV used to be great?

Also, why does everyone hate Peter Gabriel?

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  1. OccupantCDN Coolidge

    The click bait list article is here:

    I agree nobody likes A Police song enough to buy the album. They do have a lot of good songs for radio air play – but remember those songs are scattered across their entire catalogue. (5 albums?) So thats almost 2 good songs on each record? Nah thanks. The downside of owning a Police album, you might accidentally play Roxanne once.

    I liked Peter Gabriel – not his early stuff – but the “Big Time” and “Sledgehammer” both videos where of the same style and either could have been on the list. It was a very effective video for the song. I actually met Peter Gabriel in the mid-90s – he’s shorter than I expected.

    Van Halen deserved to be on this list – “1984- Jump” was a great performance video – the thing about the Van Halen videos, is that they really didnt break any special effects ground… Like Paula Abdul – she had the stupid dancing cat. Another one that should have been on the list is Robert Palmer “Addicted to Love” or “Simply Irresistible” both have the heavily made up back up dancers/faux band of models that was very stylized.

    Prince definitely should have been on this list – but for Purple Rain – If they want videos that defined an era – Purple Rain put the Movies into rock video – the motion picture soundtracks became major drivers of studio profits and movie promotion. Remember how after Purple Rain, suddenly every movie had a bunch of videos for it? Everything from “Rocky IV/V” to “TopGun”, the movie studios had a new revenue stream and a new venue to promote their movies. This is also why Thriller is the #1 video – at the time it was made, it was the most expensive music video made – and it promoted the album very effectively. I think it really shocked the music industry into making videos – without Thriller there wouldnt have been a video for every single and MTV would have had very little content to play.

    Now that MTV has been effectively killed by You Tube, what should they be doing? Reality TV kinda sucks… Could they show concerts? Shows about the drama of a garage band trying to make it? or Soap Operas set at a music label?


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