Britney Spears has been battling severe mental health issues after spending her entire life in the public eye. Is the price of fame worth the cost? The girls talk discuss Brit Brit and what they hope for her moving forward…unironically.

Also – Bridezilla tales…stories of women who have gone too far when it comes to their bridal parties.
Big shout out to capitalism and this week’s sponsors Betabrand and Sleepnumber.
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  1. EtCarter Inactive

    Entire tee-pee is happy for your podcast.  One of the young women earned a placement in a fine (redacted) training school for the armed-services, another just earned her HS degree and a sweet scholarship offer for her skills in a sport she may be positioned to go Olympic team with, and the first born girl-child , and her beloved husband are enjoying their own first born girl-child.  Smart-girl Politics fan-club checking in 😙

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