This week April and Kira talk about the power of myths and fairytales and the creepiness of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. The ladies also talk about Christmas party etiquette for this holiday season. Of course, the Smart Girls send their heartfelt condolences to the Bush family upon the passing of President George H.W. Bush at the age of 94. Rest in Peace, Mr. President and thank you for serving our nation.

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  1. Patrick McClure Coolidge
    Patrick McClure

    You fell for the snowflake criticism of Rudolph? What a disappointment. 

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  2. BeverlyMoore Inactive

    Morning April and Kira,  Love the show.  I want to offer another view of Rudolph.  Though he had value by being born he did not have the right to claim a spot as a flyer by being born. He could not be on the sleigh team just because he was the son of the super reindeer.  He had value just because, but no guarantee to be a special flyer.  That special value came later by showing the helpfulness of the lighted nose.  Don’t let the left define the story more than that.  Being a dentist isn’t gay so don’t let them define the elf outside of the show either.  Besides, I thought it was wrong to use a person’s attributes to label them as gay or straight etc.  Also, it’s all pretend.  Have a merry Christmas and happy holiday season. 

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  3. Mate De Inactive
    Mate De

    I completely disagree with the April’s entire assessment and I don’t blame her for thinking the way she does because we live in a such a sanitized, and relatively safe culture that we read things into these stories. I was thinking about this when watching a movie with my kids. The villains in these movies are usually, bumbling idiots that really pose little threat. I understand why they do this because in the films because they don’t want the kids to be scared. But the world isn’t like that. What struck me is that a lot of those old nursery rhymes and fairy tales were macabre because there is evil out there in the world and bad things happen. There are people out there who will hurt children, and many of these stories showed this reality to children in a way that could understand. Think about a child who was growing up during the plague or the depression or WWII, how can you explain to them the dangers of the world. Fairy tales. Thank you to Kira for mentioning that these stories have a purpose. We need to stop overthinking these stories and look at them as a way for kids to understand the world as it actually is, and because we don’t do that anymore and try to shield our kids from this fact is probably one of the reasons why we have a generation on anti-depressants. Also I don’t think we are all that culturally evolved actually, I think many of the achievements in ending slavery, Jim crow and the like all came about because we were a God based society and we aren’t anymore and I see an devolution happening in our society.

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