On this episode – brought to you by Joybird – April and Kira get into the Covington Catholic chaos. Kira had some thoughts and they formed a rant you don’t want to miss! Also, April explains the Marie Kondo phenomenon and drops a helpful lifehack. Listen for the Smart Girl Salute of the week where the ladies nominate one special woman who has done something admirable or noteworthy during the week.
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  1. Chris Gregerson Member
    Chris Gregerson

    When I get on Ricochet this is the first podcast I to which I listen. I like the subjects covered and the honesty of the Kira and April. Their prospective is refreshing and patter joyful.

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  2. Kira Davis Inactive
    Kira Davis

    Here’s the Townhall article we referenced in this week’s show. https://townhall.com/columnists/kiradavis/2019/01/22/the-rush-to-condemn-the-covington-kids-n2539585

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  3. Nerina Bellinger Inactive
    Nerina Bellinger

    Great article, Kira.  Just so.  All I know is when I filled in my ballot in November 2016 I couldn’t have been a more reluctant Trump voter.  I am less reluctant each day.   

    Your article touched on the reaction of your media cohorts.  As a Catholic, I am looking forward to commentary on why fellow-Catholics were so quick to condemn the “Covington Kid” instead of approaching him as a brother in Christ.  It will be a miracle if he and his family remains Catholic (which I pray they do).  Self-identified Catholic, Gov. Cuomo, just signed into law a horrific abortion bill.  I’m waiting for the strongly worded commentary from Catholic critics of the Covington boys to do the same with Cuomo.  I fear I wait in vain.

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