This week the Smart Girls give a quick primer on how to America in case some people are confused by the recent revelations that Pete Buttegieg doesn’t know how to eat fried chicken and Sports Illustrated thinks burkinis = female empowerment.

And don’t miss our special bonus episode to hear Kira talk about the recent Facebook bans and Washington Post’s classification of Louis Farrakhan as a “right-wing” extremist:

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  1. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    I’m inclined to cut Buda… some slack on the fried chicken eating issue. I have my doubts about eating with my fingers at a business lunch, so I would chalk it up to an etiquette question. But then I would fault Buda… for ordering fried chicken in the first place, knowing that selection would create that issue. 

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  2. Full Size Tabby Member
    Full Size Tabby

    As to whether it’s OK to reTweet rumors, I am not a good arbiter since I have never signed up for Twitter (or Facebook or Instagram). Nonetheless, I have always interpreted reports of reTweeting without comment as endorsing the original Tweet (unless it is clear that the reTweet is a sarcastic response such as when a target of a mean Tweet reTweets it). So, if I read that you have reTweeted some rumor, I assume you are endorsing the rumor, even if you don’t make an additional comment. ReTweeting increases the exposure, so you cannot claim immunity on the basis that you do not make your own comment.  

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