Director of Economic Opportunity for the Stand Together Chamber of Commerce Erica Jedynak joins the podcast to talk about the American worker. With a new presidential administration and many states’ legislatures in session, we focus on the future of independent contracting, worker freedom, and whether new regulations will make it harder for all of us to pursue and find a choice in our work.


As a social entrepreneur, Erica leads a national strategy to remove barriers in government, business, communities, and education, so every person can rise. Prior to her work at Stand Together Erica served as the New Jersey State Director for Americans for Prosperity and was recognized as one of the New Jersey Globe’s Top 100 Most Powerful People and was voted “Top Young Female Talent on the Right” by Save Jersey readers. Finally, Erica has been published in The Wall Street Journal and Forbes and has appeared on Fox Business, NJ News 12, and Bold TV and She currently serves on the New Jersey State Advisory Committee for the U.S. Civil Rights Commission.


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