Angela Morabito joins the podcast this week to talk Title IX, educational equity, and charter schools. We discuss the Biden administration’s upcoming release of its regulatory proposal on Title IX and what this will mean for due process rights for college students. We also consider how Title IX applies to the transgender issue in women’s sports, which is especially timely as NCAA competitive swimmer Lia Thomas speaks out. We cover the Chicago school district instituting race-based grading as part of a push for educational equity. And finally, we discuss the White House’s efforts to block charter schools from federal funding.


Angela Morabito is the spokesperson at the Defense of Freedom Institute, an independent nonprofit that provides thoughtful, conservative solutions to policy challenges in education and the workforce. She is the former U.S. Department of Education press secretary. Angela holds a bachelor’s of science in foreign service and a liberal arts master’s degree from Georgetown University. After more than 12 years in Washington, D.C., she now lives in Atlanta.

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