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  1. spaceman_spiff Member
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    McCain campaigned pledging to repeal Obamacare. Once safely re-elected, he chose not to honor his campaign pledge. The man is dying. I’m not looking to beat him up but his actions during repeal were indefensible. The complaint that the next step wasn’t properly mapped out doesn’t wash. We’re still stuck with a need for a next step. Left in place Obamacare requires bailouts for the insurance companies. What’s so great about that? If the bailouts don’t happen, the insurance companies will abandon the exchanges. The current state of affairs is not sustainable. McCain, instead of choosing to govern, chose to complain about the process. He’s not the only one to blame for the failure of repeal but if he had honored his campaign promise, the “skinny repeal” bill would have passed. It just would have. He broke his campaign pledge and the bill died.

    It shouldn’t have been that close. Trump didn’t win anybody to the pro-repeal side. Instead, he routinely antagonizes anyone who isn’t sufficiently obsequious. But the failings of others doesn’t excuse McCain.

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    • May 9, 2018, at 4:06 PM PDT
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