A couple of days ago, Sara and Center for Immigration Studies Senior National Security Fellow Todd Bensman laid out in detail how your tax dollars, through the United Nations, are flowing to non-governmental organizations. Those NGO’s then provide food, water, and shelter for many thousands making their way illegally to the U.S. border. But they also hand out debit cards – funded by you – and provide counseling to help migrants create stories which they will use to claim asylum.

But why is this happening and will it subside anytime soon? Sara and Bensman explain why we should not expect this tidal wave of humanity to ease anytime soon. First, Bensman says as long as there are huge profits to be made for these NGO’s at taxpayer expense, the pipeline will continue. But he says there is also an ideology at work in the Biden administration and beyond that is driving this policy.

Be sure to hear the conclusion of this critical conversation about our national security crisis at our border, who is perpetrating it, and much more.

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