When kids were forced to do school from home during the pandemic, parents across the U.S. got a rude awakening about what their kids were being taught. While many teachers were good, we were horrified to see some trashing America at every turn. Others were implementing the tenets of Critical Race Theory and lessons seemed to be everywhere telling kids of all ages that they could change their genders. Add in absurd COVID restrictions when the kids finally went back to school, and it was more than Sara and many other moms and dads could take.

Sara and her husband, Marty, enrolled their youngest child in a public school when they first moved to Texas. But this year, they switched to a private Christian school. Today, she explains why they made that decision and reminds us that our children are our greatest treasures. We cannot just send them to be indoctrinated for hours per day and hope they turn out OK. She also offers encouragement for parents who are not in a position to afford private education.

There is a war for the minds of our children. And it’s one we have to win.

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