On a special episode of the Sara Carter show, Sara sits down with former Department of Health and Human Services employee Carlos Arellano. After witnessing the corruption and neglect in our immigration and refugee program firsthand, Arellano blew the whistle and is going public with his shocking stories from the inside.

As a manager of a “Migrant Hotel” near Times Square in New York City, Arellano saw children in the care of strangers exposed to hard drugs and violence almost daily. He also saw American officials show a complete lack of interest in ensuring sponsors of children were properly vetted or that proper order was maintained. Supervisors were absent or seen only when collecting their six-figure salaries. Arellano saw the disgusting state of our immigration system from the inside and shares it all on today’s Sara Carter Show.

Arellano also shares his experience under the Trump administration and the drastic changes that happened once President Biden took his oath of office.

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