The Biden administration and the media want you to believe the border crisis is improving. It’s not. The number of illegals pouring into our nation is overwhelming border states and many locations throughout the nation where these migrants are sent. Biden and the United Nations are actively encouraging this humanitarian crisis but they have critical assistance from non-governmental organizations, or NGOs.

NGOs operate throughout the migrant path from Latin America to the Rio Grande. While some provide badly needed services, others are actively encouraging illegal journeys. And the more people they push along, the more they get paid by the UN – using your tax dollars to finance it all.

Today, Sara is joined by Bert Hernandez, who spent more than three decades serving our nation and knows the region better than almost anyone. And she welcomes back former Guatemalan intelligence chief Mario Duarte. Together, they explain how the NGOs function, how they are “incentivized” to waste money, and how they and our government play footsie with drug cartels and human traffickers.

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