The left has been trying to take down Donald Trump for at least seven years. Their first attempt was the Russia hoax, and they had many Americans believing it until Sara and a few others had the courage to find the truth. Trump didn’t collude with Russia. Hillary Clinton and top officials in the Obama administration conspired to frame Trump in an effort to boost Hillary’s doomed campaign.

Nothing has changed. Donald Trump presents an existential threat to the left’s stranglehold on our government and other far-left institutions. They will stop at nothing to defeat him – sham impeachments, frivolous indictments, and possibly even physical violence.

But just as the left thought it achieved a great win by booking Trump and taking his mug shot, that photo is now a rallying cry. It’s motivating the GOP base and millions of other Americans who see a Justice Department abusing power to achieve political goals.

Join Sara as she looks at the rampant political corruption at the DOJ and why it’s more important than ever to fight back.

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