Nearly 300,000 people jammed the National Mall in Washington on Tuesday to stand up for Israel and to denounce the heinous terrorist attacks and the horrific anti-Semitic reaction to them in the U.S. and beyond. Were you at the rally? If you went, why did you decide to go and what did you see and hear there?

Sara covered the rally for Fox News and was deeply moved by many of the people she saw. She shares the powerful testimony of a woman named Alana, whose family is held hostage by Hamas in Gaza.

Sara also details her conversation with a teenage Jewish boy who now sees for the first time how much hatred there is towards Jews in the world.

Over the past few weeks, Sara has also covered multiple pro-Palestinian (and often pro-Hamas) demonstrations in New York City. She describes the stark contrast she witnessed between the hateful destructive conduct of those who hate Israel and the peaceful unity and resolve on display in defense of Israel on Tuesday.

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