“They’re all competitors in a way but they see short-term value in opposing the United States.” That’s the assessment of former CIA station chief Daniel Hoffman on the threats posed to Americans and American interests by Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea.

Today, Hoffman joins Sara to break down our nation’s many foreign policy challenges. He describes the colossal Israeli intelligence failure that allowed the Hamas attacks to proceed on October 7. He also reveals that Hamas is not only using civilians as human shields in Israeli airstrikes but is actively killing people seeking to leave Gaza.

Hoffman also warns of the limited leverage the U.S. can pursue on the world stage, the staggering lack of knowledge on display from anti-Israel activists, plus the refusal of so many people in this country to assimilate into our culture as previous generations of immigrants did.

Sara also highlights the charitable work Hoffman and his sons have done to fight childhood cancer following the death of his beloved wife.

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