Small towns like New Braunfels, TX make America the greatest country on Earth. Very few places can claim to have a rich history, vibrant community, and citizens who watch out for each other like this town does. This should be something worth protecting.

Our leadership in Washington doesn’t see it that way. Foaming at the mouth for more power and money, both parties are choosing cheap labor and votes over little towns like New Braunfels.

Fortunately, not every member of Congress is willing to play along with this scheme. On today’s show, Sara interviews Republican Texas Rep. Chip Roy, who represents New Braunfels in Congress.

Rep. Roy lays out his plan to force House GOP leaders to adopt stricter enforcement policies and restore order on our southern border by withholding funding for agencies like the Department of Homeland Security. With the weight of the House Freedom Caucus behind him and our immigration crisis getting worse by the day, Roy feels they can no longer wait to demand change.

Roy also tells Sara why it is time for DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to be impeached.

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