The COVID pandemic awoke a sleeping giant. Suddenly, those of us who are parents got a chance to see what the public schools were teaching our kids. Many of us didn’t like it. We pushed back on Critical Race Theory, gender ideology, and other classroom indoctrination and the leftists on many school boards branded us as extremists for doing so. The Justice Department started looking at parents as domestic terrorists.

Even more recent is the relentless push to sexualize our kids – of all ages – through lewd drag shows, explicit material in school libraries, and a disturbing number of teachers all too eager to help kids question their gender and then hide it from their moms and dads. They are using our children as human shields in the advance of depravity.

We are pushing back and we are making progress, but we can never ease up because the left will certainly not stop its indoctrination efforts. The columnist and author known as Peachy Keenan joins Sara for a fascinating look at the latest culture wars both in their own lives and nationwide. And Keenan exhibits how a happy warrior has a more significant impact than those who engage in the fight without joy in their arsenal. They also discuss Keenan’s new book “Domestic Extremist: A Practical Guide to Winning the Culture War.”

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