Sara is just back from a trip to New York City. The city is swamped with more than 100,000 illegal immigrants sent there from Texas. This is an issue in many communities around the nation, and those communities are especially overwhelmed in the schools as they try to make room for all these migrant kids.

But schools are failing across our country. And they are failing for many reasons.
Seeking Educational Excellence Executive Director Charles Love joins Sara to explain what’s at the heart of the problem. Love says Americans are dealt an irrecoverable disadvantage when they’re constantly taught that America is bad. Not only is it dead wrong but it is corrosive to our national fabric. He says students are also immensely damaged when they are taught to think of people as groups instead of individuals.

Most immediately, Love says every kid is getting shortchanged because teachers have to spend so much time helping students catch up to where they should be and the other kids get neglected.

Love also explains what needs to be done to save our schools so we can rescue our kids’ futures. We can do so much better and we need to start now!

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