The Left is targeting your kids. Yes, your kids. It’s no longer subtle at all. From drag shows to LGBT indoctrination in our schools to students taught that they are oppressors or oppressed based on race, the full-court press is everywhere. And if the Marxists win the battle for the minds of your children, our society is doomed. But a funny thing happened on their way to capturing this generation: parents woke up!

Today, Sara welcomes podcast host and author Liz Wheeler to discuss the depths of this Marxist push to weaken families, tear down our faith and traditions, and dominate our culture. Wheeler explains how kids are the Marxist Left’s final hurdle to destroying American society. And even though huge majorities of Americans oppose its radical agenda, the threat grows closer every day. And even your “good” local school is likely part of the problem.

But thanks to parents seeing what lies were taught to their kids during the pandemic, the Marxists have been exposed. But they will never stop. Sara and Liz explain what every mom and dad can do to keep their kids safe and stop the Left from conquering the next generation.

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